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Biking in bad weather and during icy conditions

Just the thought of winter riding is enough to deter even the most hardened riders. A turbo trainer or even a cozy bed may seem more preferable than battling with ice, rain, wet snow, and piercing winds in an attempt to stay in the saddle and keep warm.

But with the right equipment and our advice, you can still go out and reap the same benefits for your body and health as you would in the summer. Many coaches and seasoned riders who ride all year round claim that conquering the elements helps strengthen willpower, and that will come in handy during races, sporting events, and challenging summer trips. Continue reading

Choosing a Women’s Mountain Bike

Although you can buy a specific women’s bike, any advice for women in this regard should start with the main point: it is not necessary to limit your choice only to women’s models.

Just as for men, any woman needs to choose a bicycle that will be comfortable for her and that will best suit her build, whatever it might be. Typically, women are shorter and lighter than men, often with proportionally shorter torsos and longer legs, although this can vary significantly.

Continue reading