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Garmin Varia radar system


Six months. It seems that’s how long it takes to buy a company, reconfigure its production, and start selling under a new name. The new Garmin Varia bike radar is a rear taillight that scans the space behind the bike up to 140 meters away, detecting the presence of cars. The data is transmitted either to a compatible Garmin Edge system or to a separate handlebar device that alerts the cyclist to what is behind and how fast it is approaching. If you’re familiar with the startup iKubu and its Backtracker radar from last year, this idea may sound familiar to you: Garmin acquired the company in January of this year and turned the Backtracker into Varia. Continue reading

Faraday Porteur – now in retail

Faraday Porteur e-bike boots

The Faraday Porteur electric bike is finally available for sale. For just $3,500, you can order yourself a bicycle that was once nothing more than a concept, brought to life only thanks to its success on Kickstarter. If you remember, the Porteur frame is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that power the electric motor, providing a range of up to 24 km on a single charge. The Porteur is available in two colors (British Racing Green and Classic White) and three sizes: small, medium, and large (depending on your height). If you are interested in additional accessories for carrying small items, you will have to pay an additional $225 for the front rack and $125 for the rear rack. Are you ready to purchase your own Faraday Porteur? Continue reading

Bike pedal records both athletic data and thieves

Connected Cycle pedal

If bicycle thieves have become rampant in your city, pay attention to the Connected Cycle pedal. Thanks to its built-in GPRS and GPS, it will notify you of the location of your bicycle wherever it may be. In addition, the pedal tracks your sports performance and provides you with updates, allowing you to monitor your fitness achievements. Continue reading

Experimental Volvo helmet warns cyclists about cars and vice versa

Volvo bike helmet

Did you know that a smart helmet, which Volvo plans to release, can be an excellent addition to all these futuristic bicycles with heart rate sensors and rockets as engines? It will be equipped with a dual-lane system that will communicate information about the location of cyclists and cars to the company’s cloud data center. While car owners can do this using a navigation system, helmet owners will need to install a “cycling app” like Strava. With its help, cyclists will be able to receive warnings about approaching or crossing cars through built-in helmet lights. In turn, drivers will receive a warning about the presence of a nearby bicycle through an indicator on the windshield, which is especially useful if the approaching object is in the “blind spot”. Continue reading