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The anti-bike lobby lacks valid arguments

“Cycling activism” boils down to incoherent tirades, and anti-bicycle ideas lose all common sense.

If you believe that bicycles and bike lanes are the greatest threat to modern society, then you are undoubtedly pleased with this buzz that has gained popularity on the internet and in newspapers. The fighters on the front lines of “cycling activism” bravely resist the growing popularity of bicycles in Russia. Continue reading

How game development tools helped create an MTB track


The rendered image of the final version of the velodrome.

Portland (Oregon, USA) is widely known for its love of coffee, charming bistro carts, local breweries, and of course, television shows that love to mock all of it. However, another attraction of the city is MTB, which stands for mountain biking. If you’re not afraid of getting wet under the endless Portland rain, that is. To remedy this unfortunate weather situation, there is a covered MTB track called Lumberyard, which can operate year-round. Cyclists can enjoy the best obstacles created using software more suited for video game development than constructing an IRL track. Continue reading

Can shaving legs improve cyclists’ sports performance?

Today we will discuss a slightly frivolous topic, but there may be something to it. I am not a professional athlete, but many cyclists shave their legs for various reasons – tradition, for appearance, and for practical benefits.

This week, for the first time in six months, I had the opportunity to ride my bike in shorts instead of winter tights. And now I am considering making even bigger sacrifices for the sake of my favorite sport – shaving my legs.

Among professionals, this practice has long been common.

Bikers legs Continue reading