Fontus – an inexhaustible source of water for cyclists


If you are a cyclist, you are familiar with the feeling of anxiety that arises when you start running out of water in the middle of a ride: there are still several kilometers to go home, and the risk of dehydration increases significantly. Fortunately, the invention of student designer Christoph Reitzaar will save you from both dehydration and unnecessary worries. Christoph has developed a device that attaches to the bicycle frame and uses solar energy to convert moisture in the air into drinking water in your bottle. The secret of the new device lies in the use of thermoelectric cooling. Solar panels generate energy, which is used to cool the top part of the device, where the air enters during the bike ride; the moisture condenses and flows into the bottle. The bottom part remains warm, which only accelerates the condensation process.

Fontus tech

At the moment, this is just an experimental project, but Retezar plans to raise funds and attract investors to release the finished product. The device is not very complex and will be, at the very least, affordable and efficient. The creation ofPrototype of Fontus.It cost less than 40 dollars, and it works better the worse the weather conditions: in hot and humid air, the device produces half a liter of water per hour. Perhaps this amount is not enough to fully quench your thirst, but it is sufficient to help you reach a place where you can rest and have a proper drink.