Solarbike with solar panels on spokes


Before you is an electric bike that does not need to be connected to the grid or have its batteries replaced. As the name implies, Solarbike is equipped with solar panels that are built into regular bicycle wheels.

The technology is specifically “optimized for working in the shade”: the inventor of Solarbike lives in Copenhagen, and for him, this is one of the most pressing problems. When the bike is not in use, the solar panels charge the built-in battery, which is very similar to a thermos, and during the ride, energy is supplied from both the battery mounted on the frame and the panels themselves. In recent years, solar panel production technology has advanced, so a design like this for an electric bike makes sense. On the other hand, the panels on the wheels are directed sideways, and direct sunlight does not fall on them, making it more difficult to absorb light for generating electricity.

The new Solarbike is the result of three years of work. When fully charged, it can travel about 70 km. The electric motor allows for a maximum speed of 48 km/h, which is quite good for a regular bike, although typically you will not accelerate beyond 25 km/h. Solarbike has already been nominated for an award for best design, but whether the electric bike will go into mass production is still unclear.