Guru Bike fitting machine

Suppose, in the near future, you are about to embark on another exciting trip, which has brought you back to the market, but you are afraid of the pressure of “expert” opinions regarding the best fit or which bicycle to buy. Then you definitely need to spend some time with the Guru Experience fitting machine. In about twenty minutes, you will gain a complete understanding of the perfect frame size, not to mention the crank length, saddle height, saddle shape, and handlebar size with stem.

guru bike

The custom “bicycle” is designed to make these measurements in an instant. The person operating this machine (not you, pedaling) makes them literally on the fly, thus finding the most suitable position for you. The idea of “first fitting, then bicycle” allows you to find an iron horse that suits you best.

Unfortunately, machines of similar action have not been noticed by any of the domestic bike dealers, so you will have to do this during a trip abroad or visit one of the bike exhibitions.