Electric fat-bike iGo for 4000 dollars

igo electric

It is obvious that a bicycle costing almost $4000, designed for serious off-road riding, is unlikely to attract a wide range of potential buyers.

However, don’t rush – the iGo Electric Fatbike is different from the electric bikes you have seen before, at least because it is a fat bike. In other words, it is specifically designed to easily overcome snow, sand, and other soft terrains. And thanks to the presence of an electric motor and a Panasonic 12Ah battery, riding on such challenging routes (or simply taking a bike ride to your favorite store) will become even easier. Pedal faster – and you will get additional acceleration, pedal slower – and you will feel the pedal assist, as iGo offers 10 adjustable levels of assistance from the electric motor.

The project creators seem to have made significant progress in its implementation, and they have alreadyWe launched on Kickstarter.In order to raise the necessary amount to open an assembly workshop, where the first batch of bicycles is planned to be released. Do you want to get one for yourself? All you need for this is 3595 Canadian dollars.