Revolights Eclipse – a new word in bicycle lighting


Warning lights are one of the most important things required for any bicycle, especially if you often ride in the dark or in poor visibility. Most devices look the same: a large headlight on the handlebars and a thin row of red LEDs under the seat. Fortunately, there are exceptions, such as Revolights products.The company is experimenting with lights., which are attached to the wheels and constantly analyze the speed of the bicycle, including illuminating at the right moment and creating two colored semi-arcs. The new Eclipse project, launched on Indiegogo, is the most ambitious of all the company’s endeavors. Firstly, the device is equipped with a rechargeable “detachable” battery, which replaces the unsightly bundle of dangling wires. Moreover, there is an Eclipse+ version with Bluetooth, which allows you to track trip statistics and monitor the battery charge directly from your smartphone, as well as activate the turn signal (a flashing light ring appears on the desired side) using the control panel on the handlebars, mobile app, or gestures (provided you have smartwatches).

Using the new Revolights app, you can remotely turn on or off the warning lights (convenient if your hands are busy), as well as set the exact time for activation (for example, at sunset).

smart brake revolights

The lights are attached to the wheels using large round rings, which are placed on the spokes (a pair in the front and a pair in the back). Each wheel evenly distributes 24 LEDs, which are synchronized with the speed of the bicycle, receiving data from the built-in accelerometer and the magnet mounted on the frame. Thus, on both wheels, you get two smooth illuminated lines, which also start flashing when you press the brakes. Currently, you can order the Eclipse on Indiegogo for $149, while the Eclipse+ version with Bluetooth will cost $209. According to Revolights, their offering provides greater safety compared to competitors’ products, as the light from the warning lights spreads in both directions, although how all this looks from the outside is already enough to attract public attention.