The very fast Turbo electric bike from Specialized

Specialized Turbo

Last year, the company Specialized released the Turbo electric bicycle, but unfortunately it was too unsafe and therefore could not be sold in Europe and the USA on legal grounds, and in other countries its release was delayed. However, now urban racers can let loose – the Turbo version in the USA costs an exorbitant $5900, but is capable of reaching the same top speed (45 km/h) with the help of a combination of pedal drive and a 250 W electric motor. Dealers are not in a hurry to supply it to us, so we will have to order it from abroad for a lot of money. Considering such performance, the Turbo practically pays for itself – who wouldn’t want to overtake the turtle-like traffic jam during rush hour on a bicycle lane?

Official Press Release for the US market

Specialized brings the Turbo electric bicycle to America.The most technologically advanced electric bicycle on the market, which combines electric drive, advanced electronics, and elegant design. And thus, it is the true embodiment of Speed and Style.

Morgan Hill, California, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Specialized Bicycle Components offers its American dealers the Turbo bicycle, which, thanks to the combination of electric and pedal drives, can accelerate up to 27.9 miles per hour. Turbo endows its owner with superhuman strength – it’s still you, just faster.

With its appearance, Turbo has created a completely new category of electric bicycles, which we call “powerful urban”. Turbo is high-tech and focused on speed – that’s how a fast bicycle should be. In addition, it is equipped with an electric motor and partly because of this, it is damn fast – its maximum speed is 27.9 miles per hour. Every aspect of Turbo’s design radiates speed, efficiency, and style. Incredibly strong, yet elegant and striking cast frame, which includes a tapered head tube, thru-axle dropouts, full fender/rack mounts, as well as a battery pack fully integrated into the downtube, is designed to meet all the requirements of high-speed riding. Turbo weighs 23 kg, which doesn’t make it the lightest bicycle in the Specialized lineup, but definitely the lightest among electric bicycles.

“We want to ride fast, properly designed electric bicycles, but the models currently available on the market do not meet our requirements or the requirements of our customers,” says Marc Faude, product manager for Specialized Europe, responsible for urban and road bicycles. “We are confident that Turbo is a huge leap forward for electric bicycle enthusiasts and the market as a whole.”

Specialized engineers focused on three key components of the bicycle: the battery, the motor, and the electronic interface. When creating the Turbo, the best and most powerful existing rear hub electric motor was used, which was subsequently modified and reconstructed to meet our needs. As for the battery, it was created from scratch, but once ready, it does not overlook any, even the most specific parameter, providing the electric motor with efficient, immediate, and constant energy. As for the electronics, it is designed in such a way as to guarantee flawless and intuitive operation of the entire bicycle. It uses technologies of the present and future to provide the rider with the best interface and the highest degree of customization.

“If there is one thing electric bicycles on the market today lack, it’s emotions,” says Ian Hamilton, design manager at Specialized, responsible for urban and road models. “Turbo is a new type of e-bike that, firstly, looks great, and secondly, gives its owner a whole cascade of positive emotions. After riding the Turbo, you won’t be able to hold back your smile – it’s simply impossible.”

Custom-made cast frame

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Strength and durability in critical areas handle the additional weight of the electric motor and battery, harsh riding at a speed of 27.9 miles/hour, but at the same time leave enough room for agile handling and safe braking. The Turbo frame was designed by the Specialized team from scratch to be as powerful as it is sexy. The sturdy tubes of the bicycle, whether it be the fork or the massive downtube, are strong enough to handle the immense loads on the front end during steering and braking, while the rear triangle and 12-millimeter thru-axle dropout provide strength and durability in the motor and rear brake area. Attention to detail has allowed for internal wiring, and the practice of custom-made parts has taken integration to a whole new level. The 15-millimeter thru-axle dropout, combined with a 0.5-1 inch head tube, provides increased suspension stiffness.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery Turbo

Provides maximum power for faster acceleration and highest torque, along with fast charging and extended battery life. Our engineers have found the highest quality lithium-ion battery with the highest capacity coefficient, which means that the motor will receive maximum power from the battery. They have optimized the battery management system specifically for our motor, which is better than relying on standard systems like other brands do. The Turbo battery has a real capacity of 342 Watt/hour, which means that the rider can fully utilize all this energy instead of relying on some theoretical figure. Thanks to this energy, Turbo can ride at maximum speed for a whole hour, and even longer when using different speed modes. Moreover, the battery is positioned to receive the fastest cooling.

The wireless interface and illuminated screen display the level of assistance, battery charge indicator, light status (on/off), as well as parameters typically displayed by a standard bicycle computer, such as speed, time, and distance. There is a button with backlight near the left handle, which can be used to switch the level of electric drive assistance. Built-in front and rear LED lights provide everything necessary for safe riding at any time and in any place, and the internal wiring ensures durability for the cables without any hint of tightness.

Rear hub electric motor Turbo Direct Drive

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Maximizes power delivery efficiency from the engine to the wheels, minimizes wear on the suspension. By placing the motor directly in the rear hub, we guarantee that all generated energy will be transmitted directly, without losing a single Watt in the process. When using bicycles with a bottom bracket, for example, where the movement is achieved through the chainrings, the energy that passes through these chainrings loses some potential, not to mention the increased wear of the drivetrain components. The nominal output power of the Turbo rear hub is 250 Watts, and it is capable of working efficiently for extended periods, with even greater maximum power. This system is optimized to reduce heat dissipation and increase performance, whether you are riding on a flat surface or climbing a hill.

In addition, Turbo is equipped with regenerative brakes – every time you press the brake levers (and the action starts even before the discs engage), you recharge the battery, turning the motor into a generator and increasing the battery life.

Turbo, with a retail price of $5900, combines speed and technology, guaranteeing the cyclist an extremely exhilarating experience. To find the nearest dealer to you,Visit, and then order Turbo – the most technologically advanced electric bicycle on the market. Photos featuring Turbo can be found here (PIN code TBLF4), and videos – here (PIN code 3NRKB).