Review of Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team is a bike that was used by the Liquigas Cannondale Team in last year’s Tour de France, including the bronze medalist Vincenzo Nibali. The EVO is incredibly agile, as expected from a racing carbon bike.

The 6.5-kilogram bike performs excellently uphill, but its aggressive geometry and large thin-walled tubes make the handling overly responsive. The grip on the road surface can sometimes feel weak.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy riding it. I did. It’s just that at times, I struggled to maintain contact with the road during acceleration or fast uphill climbs. And with its lightweight frame, the EVO takes high-speed turns not so much smoothly, but rather sharply. If you’re not an experienced rider, controlling the bike perfectly will be a challenging task.

At the same time, rides on the EVO are very thrilling. It takes high-speed turns with ease and effortlessly breaks away from the peloton and returns to it. You simply pedal, and the bike shoots forward from under you. Without a doubt, its design is one of the most efficient. Cannondale claims that their 815-gram frame has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio.

2012 SRAM Red

In fact, it is even easier. The blue-green color option of the Team model adds 120 grams to the overall weight. But this doesn’t matter at all. Even with the increased weight of the frame and the thick Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR rims, racers still have to add weight to the bike to meet the minimum requirement of 6.79 kg for competitive cycling.

The EVO definitely belongs to the top class of racing bicycles. It will be very difficult to find anything better for short distances and uphill climbs. But if you ride to stay in shape or simply for pleasure, it is worth it.Take a closer look at something else..

  • Pros:Surgical precision of gear shifting with 2012 SRAM Red components. The green color of the Red shifters is simply stunning. The sharp handling is perfect for racing on narrow tracks. The aerodynamic carbon wheels effortlessly cut through the air flow.
  • Cons:Such a frame is not the best choice for amateur club trips. The surface of carbon rims, especially when wet, is not suitable for sudden braking. Unstable front end.

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