Bike pedal records both athletic data and thieves

Connected Cycle pedal

If bicycle thieves have become rampant in your city, pay attention to the Connected Cycle pedal. Thanks to its built-in GPRS and GPS, it will notify you of the location of your bicycle wherever it may be. In addition, the pedal tracks your sports performance and provides you with updates, allowing you to monitor your fitness achievements. Continue reading

Experimental Volvo helmet warns cyclists about cars and vice versa

Volvo bike helmet

Did you know that a smart helmet, which Volvo plans to release, can be an excellent addition to all these futuristic bicycles with heart rate sensors and rockets as engines? It will be equipped with a dual-lane system that will communicate information about the location of cyclists and cars to the company’s cloud data center. While car owners can do this using a navigation system, helmet owners will need to install a “cycling app” like Strava. With its help, cyclists will be able to receive warnings about approaching or crossing cars through built-in helmet lights. In turn, drivers will receive a warning about the presence of a nearby bicycle through an indicator on the windshield, which is especially useful if the approaching object is in the “blind spot”. Continue reading

Dubike – a smart bike from Baidu


Modern technologies have launched their ubiquitous tentacles into almost all spheres of modern life. Smartwatches no longer surprise anyone, but what will the future bring us? Well, judging by the insane interest in the innovative Teague Denny Bike, this two-wheeled means of transportation will become the new trend in the very near future. Continue reading

The glowing bike path in the style of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”


Until now, there has been only one place in the world where you can see Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night” – it is the gallery of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. However, starting from today, the masterpiece of the Dutch artist will also be available in the form of a glowing bicycle path that stretches for 1 kilometer, opened in the vicinity of the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The author of this project is designer Daan Roosegaarde, already known for the glowing highway we wrote about last week. Continue reading

Fontus – an inexhaustible source of water for cyclists


If you are a cyclist, you are familiar with the feeling of anxiety that arises when you start running out of water in the middle of a ride: there are still several kilometers to go home, and the risk of dehydration increases significantly. Fortunately, the invention of student designer Christoph Reitzaar will save you from both dehydration and unnecessary worries. Christoph has developed a device that attaches to the bicycle frame and uses solar energy to convert moisture in the air into drinking water in your bottle. The secret of the new device lies in the use of thermoelectric cooling. Solar panels generate energy, which is used to cool the top part of the device, where the air enters during the bike ride; the moisture condenses and flows into the bottle. The bottom part remains warm, which only accelerates the condensation process. Continue reading

Symphony in bicycle details


And what if Yo-Yo Ma plays the cello worth $2.5 million, created by the Venetian master Domenico Montagnana in 1733? Can’t beautiful music be extracted from instruments of less noble origin? Musician Flip Baber, known asI’m sorry, but “Johnnyrandom” is not a sentence in a foreign language. It appears to be a name or a phrase without a clear meaning. If you have a sentence in a foreign language that you would like me to translate, please provide it and I’ll be happy to help., he draws inspiration from humble, unconventional instruments, and he recorded his latest song by playing on bicycle parts. Continue reading

The anti-bike lobby lacks valid arguments

“Cycling activism” boils down to incoherent tirades, and anti-bicycle ideas lose all common sense.

If you believe that bicycles and bike lanes are the greatest threat to modern society, then you are undoubtedly pleased with this buzz that has gained popularity on the internet and in newspapers. The fighters on the front lines of “cycling activism” bravely resist the growing popularity of bicycles in Russia. Continue reading