From nowhere to nowhere

A short film about how two professional cyclists cope with emotional stress during breaks between races.I’m sorry, but you haven’t provided a sentence in a foreign language for me to translate. Please provide the sentence, and I’ll be happy to help you with the translation. Continue reading

Guru Bike fitting machine

Suppose, in the near future, you are about to embark on another exciting trip, which has brought you back to the market, but you are afraid of the pressure of “expert” opinions regarding the best fit or which bicycle to buy. Then you definitely need to spend some time with the Guru Experience fitting machine. In about twenty minutes, you will gain a complete understanding of the perfect frame size, not to mention the crank length, saddle height, saddle shape, and handlebar size with stem.

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Review of Commencal Ramones AL2

The range of aluminum Commencal All Mountain HT bicycles includes two models. Both are equipped with the same frame, but the more expensive AL1 has a 150mm travel fork. As for the AL2, its fork has a travel of 120mm, but the angles of its frame are still small, and there is still plenty of room for the cyclist. Continue reading

Electronic suspension control Magura eLECT

Following in the footsteps of RockShox and Fox, Magura has also entered the battle of electronic suspension with its new eLECT technology with automatic lockout. Surprisingly, it is simple, lightweight, and most importantly, it seems to actually work.

elect 1

Magura has introduced a new electronic damper eLECT, which locks the suspension depending on the fork’s tilt.

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Optimal full-suspension bikes of 2012

What about the wheel sizes?

Mountain bikes have always had one wheel size: 26 inches. But over the past five years, 29-inch wheels have become very popular. Thanks to their larger diameter, they are more stable, have better traction in mud, and are easier to handle rough terrain. They are heavier and don’t turn as sharply, but they are the best choice for most riders. However, as the current year 2013 shows, the truth lies somewhere in the middle – with 27.5-inch wheels. Continue reading